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Pharmacogenetic Testing

Pharmacogenetic testing gives us the power to help our patients make better choices for their health. we are already heavily involved in our patients treatment, but now we can provide a service that can improve patient health, or even save their lives. We believes that patients deserve to know that their genetic makeup may prevent them from metabolizing or responding to certain medications properly. We also believe that pharmacogenetic testing belongs in the pharmacy setting, where patients have access to the knowledge and expertise only a pharmacist can provide.

Our pharmacogenetic tests allow our patients to obtain their genotypes through our pharmacy in order to determine whether their current medications are likely, based on genotype, to be efficacious, or to cause harmful side effects.

What is Pharmacogenetic Testing?

Put simply, pharmacogenetic testing uses your genetic information to ensure your prescription is right for you. Your genetic makeup influences how your body will respond to medication, and pharmacogenetic testing helps predict that response.

Why do you need a Pharmacogenetic Test?

When your well-being (or even your life) is at stake, it is not the time to take chances. If you are wondering about drug effectiveness or asking questions like Is my medication working? it may be a sign that there are better medication options available to you. Pharmacogenetic tests help determine medication effectiveness and/or toxicity risk so you and your doctor can decide which prescriptions are right for you. You will gain peace of mind through knowing that your medications are right for your genetic makeup. Finding the right medication can:

  • Help you effectively treat and manage disease
  • Avoid harmful or ineffective medications
  • Avoid troublesome side effects from certain medications
  • Decrease your healthcare costs

How do we perform Pharmacogenetic Test?

Bluestone Pharmacy use Harmonyx genotyping system to perform the testing. using the Harmonyx system, we can quickly and easily identify whether you can safely continue taking your prescription, or whether you need to find a new course of treatment. we can coordinate with your physician to find a more effective treatment.

The test is easy and painless for our patients. Patients simply swab their mouths, and We Will provide results in 3 business days, once the sample is received.

Take a look at the Video to find out more about the Harmonyx pharmacogenetic tests.

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